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Add Solar Panels for Our Electricity

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We live off-grid, but don't have enough power to run a refrigerator.

Project Details

UPDATE: Oh my goodness! We did it! Thank you, so much!! This is unbelievable. Here's a picture of our little house with our new solar panels! -------------------------- It's been 5 years since the propane-powered refrigerator blew up (well, not exactly blew up, but it sure tried!). We don't want another propane one, but we don't generate enough power to run even a tiny, efficient electric one. So, we're hoping you can help us buy the panels we need. We have all the stuff for mounting the panels, but can't afford the panels themselves. We need 10 panels (, at $250 each. Shipping will cost another $200. That's it! If we can raise that much, we can finally have milk in the house, again! It's been a long time since the kids have been able to have things like cold cereal, or just a cold cup of milk, without having to go to someone else's house. Won't you help?

Total: $2,700.00

Thank You! - $10.00

Of course, any donation will be welcomed with our undying thanks!

Hooray! - $25.00

It's so humbling to ask for money. It's even more humbling to receive it. What a kind and generous gift

The Whole Thing! - $2,700.00

If anyone were to donate this much, we'd probably faint! But when we regained consciousness, we'd be jumping for joy and shouting praises to your name for years to come. We'll name the new refrigerator after you. And send you a thank you card. And our first born! (Ok, not the first born), but we'll bake you a cake, made with BUTTER and MILK that was in our new refrigerator before we used it for baking! And chocolate - we'll send something made with chocolate, not because it needs to be refrigerated, but because chocolate is awesome.* *Of course if you're allergic to dairy or chocolate, we'll work with you to find something more appropriate.