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Elementary School Cafeteria Garden

Standard size perfect place for garden

About Me

Thumb alien Jane Smith

Project Intro

We need wood, hardware, and soil for building raised beds.

Project Details

Our school received grants to enable us to build a curriculum that uses a garden in teaching math, science, geography, and more! Now all we need is to build the garden beds. There's a perfect spot, right near the ball field, just calling out for a garden. Materials will cost: $110 for clean soil. $72 for 2x8 boards to form the sides of the raised beds. $12 for corner brackets and screws.

Total: $194.00

Thank You! - $5.00

The garden crew will yell out "Thank You!" as a list of donor names is read during the garden dedication ceremony. Your name will be on that list.

Video Thank You! - $10.00

We will record a special dedication ceremony in which we'll read the names of donors at or above this level. We'll post a link and send you an email, when it's live.